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Using Management API

EventBunker supports multiple projects under one account. Using either web ui or management api, you can create up to 100 projects and 1000s of api keys connected to these projects. This is a HTTP POST rest api which you use account master key to manage projects and project's master key to manage api keys programmatically.

Projects are logical separation of collected event data and queries. Which means that you can not access a project's data from another project using api keys.


Use separate projects for separate applications, mobile apps, websites, etc.. where you do not need to combine data for single view of analytics.

On the other hand, query, write, delete api keys are project bound, so each key has a project id with it and it can operate in single project scope based on it's key type's permission.

However as an additional feature an api key might or might not have a customer_identifier scope attached to it, which means;

  • api keys without customer_identifier are able to access all data in that project.
  • api keys with customer_identifier have limited access scope to customer_identifier's value, eg. read data with single customer filter and write events with customer_identifier auto filled by api.

To learn details about api specs, visit pages Managing Projects and Managing Api Keys in this docs.