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EventBunker is a custom analytics SaaS that you can use to track any kind of event in your mobile or web applications without developing, hosting and maintaining necessary infrastructure and software yourself!

Start tracking event data with Quick Start guide in 5 minutes!

To get started, all you need is registering for a free plan and copy your api key and start sending event data via https requests and query data back as json.


Management API

EventBunker supports multiple projects under one account. Using either web ui or management api, you can create up to 100 projects and 1000s of api keys connected to these projects, very handy for different use-cases.

Learn more at Management API docs.

Track Event API

EventBunker supports HTTP POST request with write api key in the http header and JSON data in the body to track events. Incoming data is written into event storage under 10 seconds, that makes near-realtime queries possible, there is no 1 or 3 minutes batch windows for roll-ups in our event analytics, even for metrics.

Learn more at Track Events docs.

Query API

EventBunker supports HTTP GET and POST requests with query api key in the http header and JSON data in the body or query string to query events. We have our query language, similar to SQL but constructed as JSON objects to compatible in API usage. Most of query requests are executed under 1 second, enabling you embedding results into your customer facing applications without thinking about performance or caching!

Learn more at Query API docs.